The Q♣️ Energy is very linked to the 9♠️

The Q♣️ Energy is very linked to the 9♠️

Feb 17, 2022

I know i've said this before but there's a reason i'm bringing it back up, so as i've said before in my last class we did some psychic investigations on some individuals who were all Q♣️ and they had all been killed and i thought it was pretty interesting how all the people i wanted us to investigate were all Q♣️ so we obviously knew their had to be a link between the Q♣️ and the energy of death which is not to be feared by the way, so we explored and we noticed Q♣️ have 9♠️ as their cosmic lesson and also that A♠️ in Jupiter but none of those really satisfied me i still didn't fully understand why the Q♣️ was linked to death

Until i looked at it using Marvelli's Principle law, it's so simple check this out...The Q♣️ has the 10♠️ in mercury right? in the spiritual spread the 9♠️ has the 10♠️ in mercury!!! So the Q♣️ took the 9♠️ mind, and remember everything on the God spread is a principle of life so only cards of universal achievement and death (9♠️) can bear the 10♠️ in mercury and the Q♣️ has that in mercury so according to the principle the Q♣️ is a card of universal achievement and death which makes sense as to why they have the 9♠️ as their cosmic lesson card they have to learn how to use death and achievements mind and learn that they embody that 9♠️ energy, my mums a Q♣️ and she always tells me how people used to call her a witch when she was younger it all makes sense now, and remember whosoever mercury card you took from the spiritual spread you hold a lot of that cards energy, so based on Marvelli's Principle Law what card are you? or someone close to you and does it makes sense? comment it below 👇🏾 👇🏾 👇🏾 👇🏾

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