The Kings🤴🏾 Created The Aces♥️♣️♦️♠️

The Kings🤴🏾 Created The Aces♥️♣️♦️♠️

Feb 11, 2022

To understand the above title we need to take a look at the spiritual spread using Marvelli's Principle Law which states that every card in that spread represents a principle in life that remains eternally, so for example before you get to new financial opportunities A♦️ you must first gain mastery over some type of knowledge or a mental field because based on the principles of life only someone who has mastered or has mental authority over a field (K♣️) can create and initiate new financial opportunities (A♦️) which is why the K♣️ comes before the A♦️ once you master knowledge and communication (K♣️) your then ready to start new financial ventures A♦️with the wealth of knowledge you have K♣️

So essentially The Aces are the seeds of the kings, they are the seeds that the kings plant which eventually grow into the other numbers. So all the aces are the physical manifestation of each kings will they contain every part of the kings energy, so for example the A♦️ possess all the knowledge the K♣️ has because that's what created it and of course you are what created you which is why A♦️ people are extremely intelligent, they are masters of knowledge and that will help them navigate their newly gotten path of the acquisition of wealth♦️ which will eventually grow into the K♦️

so the K♣️ plants the seed (A♦️) that eventually grows into the K♦️ so now the K♣️ has become the master of business and finance (K♦️) all from the A♦️ he planted in the ground, so the K♦️ possesses all the knowledge K♣️ had which was inside A♦️ plus all the numbers A♦️ went through to get to the K♦️, and with all that the K♦️ plants a new seed the A♠️ , this ace is now concentrated with everything the K ♦️ knows so that makes The A♠️ a master of business and finance because that's who and what created it, it is the will of the K♦️ ( side note- this is also why A♠️ people usually have inheritance they could claim because they are the seeds of men with money (K♦️) ), Then the A♠️ eventually blossoms into the K♠️ The God card and The Ultimate Master of any field so the K♦️ turns into the ultimate master of some field of labour K♠️ through the seed of new labour he planted A♠️

The K♠️ does the same he plants the seed of new love, new passion and new contacts (A♥️) and again the A♥️ has all the mighty K♠️ contained within it so that makes A♥️ people masters of their field because they have K♠️ energy within them (lebron james is an ace of hearts, he's not THE GOAT but he's one of them, one of the masters" and that same ace will blossom into K♥️ and so on im tired man!!! 😴 comment and share

- Marvelli

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