The 3's - The Link To Stability🌉

The 3's - The Link To Stability🌉

Feb 10, 2022

The number 3 is ruled by mercury and mercury is the closest planet to the sun, The sun is of course the main source of life so its important to understand that everyone who has a 3 as their birth-card has direct communication with the source of life as they are the closest to the source , the no.3 is also linked to esu the crossroads deity, the deity of choices and decisions esu is the messenger between heaven and earth , likewise with those who have 3's as birthcards they are the link to the stability of their suit

So for example the 3♥️ is the link to stable, secure and practical relationships (4♥️), the 3♣️ is the link to a practical mind and a secure plan of action (4♣️) , the 3♦️ is the link to a sound financial plan and financial stability (4♦️), the 3♠️ is the link to stable work, complete security and a divine mission 4♠️ , the reason i linked the 3s to the 4s is simply based off of principle as we can see in the spiritual spread all the 3s come before 4s and just to reiterate the spiritual spread reflects the foundational principles of life so the 3 coming before the 4 means something, it means that before you get to stability and security (4) you need communication directly from the source (3) so that you make the right decision, (3) in everyday life that can manifest as you bringing a 3rd party in to help you out, someone that is closer to the source of that thing that can lead you to stability or even getting a reading from a reader or getting a consultant etc the point is before you get to stability you need help in your decision making from a higher source which is what the 3s are and we learn that from looking at the spiritual spread under the guidance of Marvelli's Principle Law 🧙🏾‍♂️ - like comment and share 🌞


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