Marvelli's Principle Law - K♠️,A♥️,8♠️

Marvelli's Principle Law - K♠️,A♥️,8♠️

Feb 09, 2022

If you take a look at the spiritual spread you'll see the K♠️ has A♥️ in mercury and in the world spread 8♠️ has the A♥️ in mercury. To understand what this means we need to first grasp and understand this principle law, if you take a look at the spiritual spread you'll see all the cards in complete perfect order, however... it's more than just a deck of cards in perfect order, the cards in that order represent the unalterable principles of life, things that never change and remain the same to maintain natural law. So what the hell has this got to do with anything? 🤨...gimme a second 😂,

here's an example of how the spiritual spread reflects the principles of life; 8♦️ is a card of financial power right? now in the spiritual it has 9♦️in mercury, why is that? 🤔 well it's pretty easy when you understand Marvelli's Principle Law 😌 , in order for you to achieve financial power (8♦️) your mindset must be focused on universal values (9♦️) universal values are things that are considered universally valuable and important ( clothes, fashion, technology, food, commodities, money etc) so you would have to be thinking about what people need and want (9 ♦️) that's the mindset (the mercury) of financial power (8♦️) so now you know how to think if you want financial power (8♦️), in order to be financially powerful you must have a universal mindset (9) , you must think about what people need and want (9♦️), all the richest people in the world have financial power (8♦️) but it's only because they thought about what you and i need in our everyday lives (9 ♦️)

So back to the initial point K♠️ is the ultimate master of any field if we want to be masters in our chosen fields our minds must be focused on something that we love and desire (A♥️) because that same passion and love for our chosen field will push us to reach the top in that field (K♠️) , if you aren't in love with or have a desire to be (A♥️) with your chosen field you will never be the master of that field (K♠️) 🙅🏾‍♂️ FACTS!, now 8♠️ has the mercury of K♠️ so that means 8♠️ thinks like the king and this very 8♠️ is our card this week so we can put it like this - K♠️ becomes the God of his field only through the love and passion he has for his field (A♥️) so based on that principle if the 8♠️ has the king's mind (A♥️) how can we gain power and control over our field 8♠️? 🤔...i gave away the answer 😬 but what is it?

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