An Interesting Look At The Karma 2 Card✍ ...

An Interesting Look At The Karma 2 Card✍🏾

Feb 19, 2022

If you didn't know already your karma 2 card tells us about the things that come easy to you things that you know you can do, and for that reason we can interpret the birth card based on what the karma 2 is, let me explain what i mean...

So for example the J♣️ karma 2 is 10♥️ so that makes the J♣️ a card of social and public success (10♥️) ,which is why people are naturally drawn to and love J♣️ people, making friends is too easy and requires no effort at all on their part and that's all because of their karma 2 the 10♥️, so that's what i mean when i say interpreting a card based on its karma 2 let's look at another

The 5♠️ has 4♦️ as its karma 2 this is why 5♠️ people are great at building financial stability and organizing finances so we can literally say 5♠️ is a card of financial stability. Their karma 2 is also why a lot of 5♠️ have the tendency to be greedy and controlling it also makes them very resourceful too (4♦️) ,they will secure themselves financially no matter what

The 3♣️ has the K♦️ as its karma 2 this makes the 3♣️ a master of values, business and finance K♦️so when it comes to business and money understand that the 3♣️ is technically a boss in that realm and we can see that from its karma 2 the K♦️

i would like everyone to try this look at your karma 2 and interpret your birth card based on the energy of your karma 2...GO!!! - don't forget to comment it below

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