8♠️ week - A Week Of Fertility 🌞💐

8♠️ week - A Week Of Fertility 🌞💐

Feb 07, 2022


our ideas and thoughts are manifested through our actions, so our mercury card (thoughts and ideas) manifests through our mars card (actions), 8♠️mercury card is A♥️and the mars card is Q♦️so according to this our thoughts and ideas are shown through A♥️which represents desire for love, a strong desire for something or someone or the start of something new- so those are our thoughts this week but these same thoughts are going to manifest through the mars card which is Q♦️and Q♦️ represents desired domination in the realm of business and values, being of service to others through your business, a valuable woman or giving birth to something valuable

so based on all this how can we summarise what our week will be like? collectively our minds (A♥️) will be focused on starting new relationships & gaining new contacts (not just romantic), a desire for new love and to start and create something new and we will manifest our thoughts by asserting ourselves to acquire and have control over the things we value (Q♦️), some of us may be thinking about starting a new relationship (A♥️) and again our thoughts are manifesting through the Q♦️so some of us may pursue a woman (or someone you find attractive) or someone we may find valuable or ideal for us, some of us may be seeking new contacts or clients (A ♥️) and to get the new contacts we will use our ability to serve others with the resources we have (Q♦️) because that shows you are dominant in your field which brings new contacts, or simply some of us may be thinking about beginning something new (A♥️) and that very thought or idea will manifest itself through us trying to grow and nurture some type of service very carefully (Q♦️)

it's a very fertile week because our minds bear the seeds that will grow into something big this week (A ♥️) plus Q♦️we have in mars makes it even more of a fertile week because we have the perfect nurturer who is the mother of all things tangible and she will see to it that what we plant is nurtured correctly (Q♦️), for some of us the seeds we plant (A ♥️) will grow through this valuable woman or person (Q ♦️) , what seeds are you planting this week? (A ♥️) and how are you watering and nurturing them? (Q♦️)

- Marvelli

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