5♥️ - The confidence to make necessary c ...

5♥️ - The confidence to make necessary changes😤🏃🏾‍♂️

Feb 08, 2022

It's quite an interesting week, as we know according to the weekly cardology chart we're currently in an 8♠️week and 8♠️ has 5♥️in jupiter, Our Jupiter card shows us what brings us confidence, it's the things we believe we can do (whether we actually can or not 😜), so based on this i can easily tell as a collective this week we'll feel the confidence to separate (5♥️) ourselves from people and situations that don't feel secure or stable (4♦️) (5♥️ displaces the 4♦️) - you'll have the confidence (jupiter) to express your discontent and emotions 5♥️, for others we may finally feel confident enough to put ourselves out there for the world to see 5♥️, the confidence to socialise

5♥️ is about emotional expression, travel, changes and the desire to forge links with someone, the displacement of the 4♦️tells us that the people we desire to forge links with (5♥️) can lead us to financial stability or some type of security (4♦️) or perhaps we think they do 🤷🏾‍♂️👀...hopefully they do 😂, so this is why 5♥️ can represent a celebrity friendship/connection or a very important contact because this surprising relationship or relationship that can bring a lot of changes (5♥️) is going towards financial stability and security (4♦️) or simply put the 5 is ruled by uranus which indicates changes and the suit is a heart ♥️which is about people, life and your emotions so 5♥️ can literally mean people or contacts that can change your life (5♥️)

now we can understand why in a romantic reading 8♠️🤔can represent someone taking some distance from you or separating from you (or vice versa) because when that 8♠️ shows up they or we are going to feel the confidence (jupiter) to leave that emotional situation behind (5♥️)...

please don't hold back on expressing yourself this week, power in work/labour 8♠️only happens once you have the confidence to express yourself 5♥️, so do that...


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