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The Sloth On Demand: Rockstar Consulting ...

The Sloth On Demand: Rockstar Consulting. On Demand.

Mar 29, 2022

The 21st century, hey? So far, it’s brought us things like social media, multi-use rockets, blockchain technology, 3D-printing, and, of course, the “on-demand” economy. Ostensibly, virtually everything’s “on-demand” these days, isn’t it? Pizza? Just order it when you want it, where you want it. Groceries? Click an app button & you'll get your fridge restocked in 15 minutes. Entertainment? Stream & watch what you want, when you want it. Cars? Bikes? Scooters? Select & unlock with a few clicks and vrooooooom…

“On-demand” shifts the attention from companies to customers, regardless of products and services. Welcome to the consumer-driven economy! “On-demand” offers instant access, better service, and personalized experiences. Every day, millions of people use “on-demand” services for education, health, groceries, transportation, or food delivery and that’s all fine and dandy, but what about “on-demand” rockstar consulting?
If you can get a pizza when you want and need it or if you can get a ride at the click of a button, why can’t you get superb business consulting “on-demand”? Well, now you can!

TSOD - The Sloth On Demand is problem-solving, advice, and consulting at the click of a button. When you want it, where you want it, for how long you want it. Just like on-demand groceries, it's not cheap, but it's terribly convenient. If you're stuck with a problem, can't seem to agree on the way forward, lack creative ideas, or just need a fresh pair of eyes or a sounding board for your ideas, #TheSlothOnDemand is for you.

TSOD fills a void in the Sloth’s consulting offers:

  • Unsure what the Sloth’s about and if working with the Sloth is for you? You can book a free, 15 minutes, discovery call and find out how I can help you save the world -> 

  • Need answers and advice, but not super urgently? Buy the Sloth a coffee and stop by the virtual office during the next TGS Office Hours ->

  • House on fire? Stuck? Tight deadline? Advice needed super urgently? You need TSOD - The Sloth On Demand! Rockstar consulting on-demand and for a fixed hourly fee, whenever you want it ->

Honestly, TSOD is better than ordering pizza or donuts online - it has zero calories and, potentially, a much bigger impact on your business. Added bonus: You don’t need to take the empty pizza cartons to your trash bin afterwards and have your neighbours look at you judgingly.

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