Script Update & Streaming on Twitch

Script Update & Streaming on Twitch

Jun 11, 2022

"It's the last day of May & I have made more progress on this script than I have ever tried to in the past. Even though I wasn't able to finish a solid draft, Ive written some good scenes & cant wait to finish! Thank you everyone for keeping me motivated! June, I'm ready!..." - suptismarr (me) via Twitter

Setting a deadline for yourself really does help. In the first two weeks of May, so many new ideas just came to me and I was really able to piece them together. I learned more about my creative process as a writer last month that I really think will help me finish this story in these coming weeks.

Something very unexpected happened this month, too. A writer from Houston that I'd connected with a few weeks prior reached out for a meeting. The meeting went so well that we decided to meet up every week to discuss the progress of our scripts. Everyone always says how great it is to have an accountability partner but wow, it really did push me to keep going. One of the weeks that we'd met, I just didn't have much to offer concerning my storyline but as disappointing as that was, having someone on a similar wavelength that I can trust to work through that with made all the difference (so if you're reading this George, thank you- I'm excited for our next writer's sesh).

The last week of May, before my birthday (btw, thank you so so much to everyone who chose to support me through my artist page here on Buy Me a Coffee) I got extremely sick. I got tested and it turned out that I had Covid-19. I had nothing truly solid to offer that last week because of obvious reasons but that didn't stop me from jotting down more ideas when I could. I'm getting better now and still quarantining for a little bit more just to make sure I'm alright to go back into the world :)

In the meantime, while my little script is resting, I've decided to stream The Sims 4 everyday from 2PM-4PM CST on Twitch. I've been enjoying practicing my storytelling skills on the spot and it's helped a lot in gaining support towards becoming a Twitch Affiliate! More and more people have been wanting to follow the stories we've been playing with so I will be creating playlists for my streams on my YouTube channel soon! If you have time and are interested in joining us for The Sims 4 builds, challenges and storytelling fun, come through! We would love to have you!

So far, I stream on Twitch every week on Thursdays from 10:30PM - 12:30AM CST and Fridays from 11AM - 1PM CST. I have stream announcements under 'Twitch' (stream topics, schedule changes, etc) on my Instagram if you'd like to also check that out for updates!

Here is our late elder spellcaster, Tara Pearce, from our recent spellcaster and vampire storyline!

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