I updated my actor's headshots!

I updated my actor's headshots!

Aug 12, 2022

I'm finally done! I've finished taking and editing my actor's headshots!

For those of you who are new here- hello, hello! My name is Marr and I'm a screen and voice actor in Dallas, Texas!

During July, I made it a focus to update my commercial and theatrical headshots. I planned this session so many times for myself and failed to get the shots that I wanted to get out of my first attempt. I was not satisfied and I really didn't feel like any of the shots collected that day would position me towards the kinds of projects I wanted to book as an actor.

One very hot day, I woke up with an insane level of inspiration and decided it would be a great opportunity to try again. As a photographer, I also really hope to learn from self photoshoots like these to improve my skills for future clients.

I'm proud of the work that I've put into this little (big) project because I know that it was another effort I made towards creating opportunities for myself as an actor and photographer. As an artist, I always try to go with my gut, to trust my instincts. The day that I took these I just knew that it was time and I had everything I needed for this shoot to go well because I'd done my homework.

I hope I continue to go at my own pace, be intentional, and trust my artistic instincts.
I hope you do too.



For headshot photography inquiries please email [email protected].

For Film/Acting, please forward messages to [email protected].

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