I'm Represented in Film, Television, and ...

I'm Represented in Film, Television, and Commercial for Acting (Texas/South Central)

Mar 18, 2023

This last February, I acquired representation in film, television and commercial for acting in Texas/South Central region! I’m thrilled to finally venture into this next phase of my career in entertainment

For those who’ve kept up with me (mostly on Instagram and Twitter), I have tirelessly worked as my own agent for the last three and half years submitting myself to projects (mostly independent narrative films) and I have learned so much about my craft and the business of entertainment in film and commercial. And now I get to have more opportunities to continue learning more about my craft and all the things that come with it (because there’s so much holy shit).

I’ve learned so much during the past three years of hustling on my own. I was stubborn in making sure I was “ready.” But I just wanted to know where my heart was the most. What did I appreciate the most about this craft? What did I want to hold on to so I could keep going no matter what? I wanted to train and that took money and most of us know that money can take time… a lot of time. I wanted to understand all the moving parts that were going to play a role in helping me make my dreams come true. There was a certain point I wanted to get to, that feeling that would let me know there was no other way to learn more but to dive into new opportunities. This feeling overwhelmed me in January 2023. 

I wanted to sign in 2022 but I’m glad I took an extra year as a self-representing actor. I’m glad I took my time. I’m glad that I got to know myself more as a person and as an artist because now I have a better grasp of her mind and heart and where she wants to go. I look back at my self-tapes from late 2019-2020 and I’m so relieved that I decided to step back and train (THANK GOD).

I’m on a journey with myself and I believe and hope all great things will come from this embrace.

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