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The Rearview Mirror: Reversing Decisions ...

The Rearview Mirror: Reversing Decisions And Building Trust

Sep 25, 2023

Have you ever had to do a quick U-turn on a busy road with your heart racing, hoping you won't hit - or get hit - by anything?

The other day, I was reversing my car into a tight spot. There was a moment when I realised that despite my frantic attempt to look at all my mirrors at once, and even though I had a reversing warning beep, I had to trust that I hadn’t seen anything and the reversing sensor was doing its job. For a few seconds, my trust was placed in something beyond what my eyes could see. 

Building Trust

Believe it or not, the mechanics of manoeuvring a car backwards can teach us profound lessons on reversing decisions and building trust. Let's extend my previous scenario - you're not on the road doing a U-turn or simply squeezing between two parked cars, but you’re now in a car park, one that's bustling with shoppers, parents managing kids, and the occasional shopping trolley left near your car - one that’s daring you to play chicken! The stakes are high. No one wants to be "that person" who causes a scene - or worse, an accident. You shuffle in your seat, sort out your mirrors, and prepare yourself. With a gentle squeeze on the accelerator, you initiate the move. Trust, the invisible co-pilot, becomes palpable. You trust the years of driving experience behind you, you trust the engineering of your vehicle, your rearview mirrors, and there’s definitely trust in the little technological blessings of proximity sensors. Each inch you move backwards is a small victory, cementing your self-confidence and reinforcing the belief that you'll navigate this challenge successfully. All the above can be completed so quickly and efficiently that you might not even mentally acknowledge each step.

In A Tight Spot?

In life, we often find ourselves wedged between metaphorical SUVs - a job we've outgrown, a relationship that's become stifling, or a commitment that's more draining than rewarding. An issue might be intimidating, and the 'car park' is crowded with societal judgments, obligations, and emotional baggage. Anxiety fills the air, like when you're about to reverse your car into that seemingly impossible space. And yet, the mechanics remain the same. You adjust your emotional and rational 'mirrors' to get a comprehensive view of the situation. You seek the advice of mentors and loved ones - your human proximity sensors - to help evaluate the risk and feasibility of a life choice U-turn. Reversing in a tight spot is a high-stakes ballet of trust and judgment. So, too, is the act of changing a decision in life. But the fundamental lesson here is broader: trust isn't just given; it's constructed and reinforced through actions. It's built when you responsibly gather all the 'sensor data' around you - advice from trusted people, intuitive insights, or past experiences.

A Life Of Regrets

Trust is solidified when you make a cautious yet resolute move that leads to a successful outcome. Trust might be said to be a dynamic force that evolves and grows based on the result of your actions and choices. Sometimes, those actions involve admitting you were wrong and courageously reversing or changing course. Do you regret a recent decision? It happens to all of us at various points. The good news is life's ‘car park’ comes with multiple exits, each offering a new direction. (At least it does if the metaphor looks like my local Asda car park!) 

Your Next Move

The next time you’re grappling with a tough decision or regretting a recent one, remember the lessons the rearview mirror can teach you. Trust is more than just a feeling; it’s cultivated and built up over time through careful moves and responsible choices. Trust is your most reliable navigator, whether you’re reversing into a tight parking spot or turning your life around. Just as you would scan all mirrors and rely on your car’s sensors to park safely, use all the ‘sensors’ available to you - your experiences, your instincts, and the wisdom of those you trust - to make your next move a confident one.

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