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The Best Seat In The House!

The Best Seat In The House!

Aug 30, 2023

There’s a guy that always sits in what I think is the best seat in the coffee shop. He’s there every day; he may be a writer, as he always seems to be researching something and writing stuff down in his little notebook. I think he stays all day. I go in nearly every morning, and it seems no matter how early I get there, he’s there before me! And I always leave before he does. I never get to sit in the best seat - the seat that’s out of the way of the blinding sun through the massive windows, the seat that has a convenient charging point, the seat that you can see when you go to order a coffee, the seat that’s out of the way enough of the main door that you can reasonably safely leave your stuff on the table while visiting the bathroom (or toilet as we more commonly say in the UK).

As I sit here boiling in the morning sun that’s streaming through those massive windows and I’m looking over at him in envy I begin to wonder what can I learn from this situation? And I come up with the following:

  • Understanding Needs: It’s essential to clearly identify what we need to be at our most productive and comfortable. This involves recognising the factors that contribute to our well-being and productivity and taking steps to ensure those needs are met. In this case, the man has pinpointed the specific characteristics of a seat that make it ideal for his work.

  • Planning and Dedication: The man’s willingness to arrive early and stay late indicates a high level of dedication to his work. This commitment often entails making sacrifices, like getting up early or working long hours. Planning the day to optimise productivity, as the man does by arriving early to secure his preferred spot, is one key to success.

  • Taking Initiative: Proactively creating an environment that suits our needs is pivotal to achieving success. Instead of passively accepting our circumstances, we can take control and actively shape our environment, as the man does by arriving early to secure the best spot.

  • Consistency: The man’s regular routine demonstrates a disciplined approach to his work. Establishing a routine and adhering to it helps to instil good habits and maintain healthy productivity. Consistency is vital for achieving long-term goals and creates a sense of accomplishment.

  • Self-awareness: The man’s actions indicate a high level of self-awareness. He understands what environment is most conducive to his work and takes steps to ensure he can work in that setting. Cultivating self-awareness is another key for personal and professional growth, as it enables us to discover our strengths and weaknesses and make informed decisions that can contribute to our success.

The man’s attitude and approach to securing the best spot in the coffee shop underscore the importance of understanding your needs, planning and dedication, taking initiative, maintaining consistency, and cultivating self-awareness. These principles are not only pertinent to finding the best spot in a coffee shop but are also fundamental for achieving success in various aspects of life!

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