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Starbucks: Turning Down A Grande Opportu ...

Starbucks: Turning Down A Grande Opportunity!

Nov 18, 2023

Quite often, when I accumulate enough Starbucks ‘stars’ to qualify for a free coffee, I am asked whether I’d like to get a large cup “as it’s free,” even though I generally ask for a tall size.

I decline.

The look I receive back is usually one of puzzlement. Why wouldn’t I want more bang for my free ‘buck’?

It’s tempting to try and get as much as we can when something is free, akin to an all-you-can-eat buffet where we attempt to cram our plates high with an assortment of foods, only to end up feeling a bit ill after having overeaten. Our eyes are often much bigger than our bellies!

Regarding the coffee, I decline the larger size because I don’t want the coffee diluted with more milk. I enjoy a mocha, and the ratio of coffee to milk to chocolate is just about perfect in a tall cup.

This habit of declining the larger cup, despite its allure as a ‘free upgrade,’ mirrors a broader philosophy in life: more isn’t always better. In an era where excess and overindulgence are frequently seen as symbols of success, there is a unique satisfaction in knowing exactly what you want and realising it doesn’t need to be the largest or most extravagant option.

Whether it’s a perfectly proportioned mocha, choosing a sensible amount of food at a buffet, or the more intangible aspects of our lives, there is elegance in simplicity and profound wisdom in not allowing the allure of ‘more’ to overshadow the essence of what we truly need.

Ultimately, the best things in life are not those that are handed to us in larger quantities but those we select with purpose, cherishing their quality and the balance they bring.

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