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Merry Christmas and Thank You for an AMA ...

Merry Christmas and Thank You for an AMAZING 2023!

Dec 24, 2023

🎄 Merry Christmas, everyone! 🎄

Yesterday (at the time of posting) I achieved my end-of-year goal of reaching 1000 subscribers on my YouTube channel - The Spark!

To celebrate this I recorded a video where I reflect on the incredible journey I’ve been on in 2023. From relaunching the channel with a focus on tech and communication to discovering the audience’s love for Kindle and e-ink content!

It might be said that I’ve been on a similar journey with this platform as well as my other writing platform - Substack

If you’re subscribed to the YouTube channel, or indeed on here, thank you for being part of an amazing community. I look forward to another year of learning, sharing, and growing together! 📚💻🤖🎥

Watch the video here:

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