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First Module: Médecine Dance of the Eart ...

First Module: Médecine Dance of the Earth

Mar 29, 2022

I have spent 5 days absolutely extraordinary !

It was beyond any of my expectations and I find myself right now, two days later without words to express what I have experienced. It has to be lived in the body to be understood.

Dancing freely made me vibrate deeply, it freed me, it guided me towards unknown places of my being, my soul that I was ignorant of. Every step, movement that I have done allowed me get to know myself deeper and deeper. I have cried, laughed, expressed, played ... and I have discovered the power of the 5 elements in my body! Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether.
And we were encouraged to express our creativity through the creation of the center piece that held the space every morning.


We are the yellow - fire group, With 28 participants, 27 women and 1 man!
I have tried to put words onto my experience and it came through a poem.
Poem translated from French to English.

I have made Love in my flesh,
My body guided me with simplicity,
The way, I had forgotten,
The key was there, present,
In my Hara!

The coloured door waited,
She was impatiente even.

This sensation, of making love didn't leave me,
My cells danced and sung while doing Sacred Geometry,
In the forgotten cave where the dragon got re-enchanted,
And this time not to kill, but to empower,
The Earth, the Water, the Fire, the Air & the Ether.

A deep Thank you to all of the Ones supporting me in this EXTRAORDINARY adventure!

The next module is in May 18-22 : Medicine Wheel of the Soul Dance.

Marion Mary

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