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A home in heaven

A home in heaven

Dec 02, 2021

In every home there is a little bit of heaven 

Dancing around because nobody cares and nobody is there 

Making love like it’s the last love making that love will ever make 

Speaking sacred words of wishes, wisdom and sometimes of the wonderful overwhelming waking 

Leaving behind the marks of our fingertips, our footprints engraved in the ground below our feet

then …

Crying tears that no-one hears 

Dinners gone cold, gone to waste, not even a taste 

The wine you pour holds back your fears no more, dripping out… of time 

The mirror marks stain, her beauty a strain 

Skin starts to shed, 

Springs now emerging from their bed 

Looking under the shower head, recites a message she once read 

“How to be saved” - closes book instead 

Life gets strong and we wonder where it all went wrong 

No turning back 

Our scent turned sour


Alarm bells by the hour 

Birds that once sounded a sweet sound to our ears 

Are no longer here

The walls have started to crumble through the years 

The roof caves in and beneath our feet lies a pit of fear 

Possibly our nightmare

Yet we remain right here 

And we did it well even though at times it seems we had met hell 

A promise that we made 

To never let go 

Because there is a little bit of heaven in every home. 

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