Upgrade Bank App

Upgrade Bank App

Nov 08, 2022

‼️FREE $100‼️

Join Upgrade Rewards Checking with my link and we’ll both get $100!


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🤑‼️I’ve earned $300 so far‼️🤑

📍Free $100 from Upgrade!📍

📍Step 1: Sign up for an Upgrade checking account (free) using a referral link📍

📍Step 2: Transfer $5 to your Upgrade checking account while waiting for your debit card in the mail📍

📍Step 3: Use your debit card to make three transactions. (Go to Amazon and buy an Amazon gift card worth $1. Do that three times.) (Or make three separate $1 purchases at the store) 📍

❤️And that's it! Once your three transactions clear, the $100 will be deposited right into your account!❤️

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