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It Is Not Ok To Share Naked Photos Of Yo ...

It Is Not Ok To Share Naked Photos Of Your Child

Jan 18, 2021

I just saw an Instagram "influencer", with over 50,000 followers, share a video of her naked child. While he was going to the toilet. Outside.

Absolutely disgusting - and not the child.

Children should never be shown nude on social media.

Not only for their privacy but because there are fucking creepers on the Internet and will save that video and do god knows what with it.

Eww yuck I can't even go there.

Guys please please don't post naked photos or videos of your child ANYWHERE on the internet. Even if you think your profile is private. 


Also, this is your child - think about how they will feel when they are older. What if someone saves that image and brings it up later in their life. Imagine the embarrassment.

That is your child yes, but your child also has rights, and I firmly believe they should never be shown in any kind of compromising position on the internet.

If you have naked photos of your kid on the internet, remove them now.

If you ever see something like that on the internet that doesn't look right, please report it immediately.

Don't even bother approaching the person - because they will probably just block you and leave it up. Whereas if you report it, it gets removed and they get notified of why.

This sends a clear message.

Cannot believe I saw what I did today. I of course reported the story in question and it was removed shortly after for violating Instagrams terms. I believe more than myself reported it because usually shit like that doesn't get taken down unless multiple people report it.

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