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Starting campaign

Starting campaign

Sep 16, 2023

Hi dear Readers ;)

As mentioned before, I've started my campaign to prevent the skyrocketing cost of my infrastructure and pipeline tests for all my repositories.
Luckily I do not need to reach for support in the cost of living (for both my human and cat family), but, If you'd like to support my infrastructure - you're most welcome.

Few questions:

What infrastructure?
Currently, my infrastructure takes almost the whole rack - power supplies, different servers (Proxmox, Hyper-V, Linux, and VMWare), and network (Unifi Enterprise Switches, Fortigate UTM's).
My day-to-day work computers (Linux and MacOS)

Not to mention the licenses I am using for these (yes, Fortinet prices are Insane!)

SD-WAN Internet access.

Patronite and Wikipedia donations.

This costs real money in the purchase and maintenance aspects.

Why not use free tiers?
There are no free lunches ;) I am trying to use them as much as I can, but the real free tier is shrinking as we speak in attempts to monetize their assets. Simple 2000 minutes' or other slogans are simply not enough.
I'll give you a few examples.

One of my Hyper-V repositories takes approximately 15-30 minutes to validate configs, not doing anything else.
The full building cycle for all possible OSs takes more than 8 hours.
Another Proxmox and KVM repository takes almost 24 hours to complete and revalidate all images. There is no free tier able to accept these

I also believe people behind these free tiers should be compensated fully - these are real engineers, project managers, small business owners, designers, and all other anonymous crowd members hidden behind great ideas.

Can I offer barter instead?
Not really. With all due respect, people change, ideas change, attitude changes. I cannot afford to rework everything when you pull the plug. I have a tendency to do it 'my way or highway' ;)
Your support is more than welcome, but let's focus on code, ideas, management, etc.

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