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Why did I transfer my daughter to anothe ...

Why did I transfer my daughter to another teacher? Part 1

Aug 02, 2022

This year my daughter Diana, she is 8 years old, will go to the 2nd grade. The first academic year she studied in 1B class. This year we moved to another teacher's class, 2Б. Why did I transfer my child to another teacher? 🤔

We first came to the class of a young teacher. She just finished her internship. Our class was her first class that she taught on her own. The teacher is young and kind, but this is where all her virtues end. 😉

What did my daughter and I experience during the school year? The teacher skipped mistakes in notebooks for mathematics and writing. There is no discipline in the class, during the lesson the children scream and run around the class. 🤯 Of course, in such an environment, it is very difficult to understand what the teacher is saying, especially for a child of 7 years old.

As a result, we had to re-learn everything that we learned at school at home. The biggest problem is that there was no discipline either in the classroom or during recess. Children threw water bottles, overturned chairs and of course there were fights.

When this question was raised, the teacher's answer was always the same: I told them to stop. ❓❓❓🤷

Also, the class is dirty all the time (the teacher must clean the dust, the cleaning lady only cleans the floors - this is how it is in our school), the teacher’s table is always littered with everything possible, dirty desks, after drawing lessons the children themselves wash very poorly - the teacher does not control this at all , the classroom is always dusty - my daughter was very often sick because of this.

When I asked the teacher about this, she told me: oh, I didn’t have time. And this is her: I DID NOT HAVE TIME - it was during the entire academic year. She also did not have time to check notebooks. In general, the teacher is very weak, who also does not want to do his job normally.

The school day in our school consists of 2 stages: 1. These are the lessons themselves and breaks with the teacher 2. Lunch and an extended day - another teacher is already engaged in an extended day.

My daughter stayed for an extended day 2 times. She came home in tears and said she didn't want to go to school anymore. Because the after-school teacher yelled at her very hard and threw things in the classroom, my daughter could not find her notebook - she was sick, but the notebook remained in the classroom, the after-school teacher said to find a notebook - her daughter could not. The situation is not pleasant. 😱 Screaming and rude behavior is normal for this lady (in my understanding, this is not a teacher, and there were a lot of complaints about her, but she continues to work). My daughter did not go to the extended day anymore. 🙅

The class we moved to this school year is completely different. There the teacher is experienced, there is silence in the classroom, more topics were covered according to the program, the children have time and understand everything, there is order in the classroom itself and there is no dust. I have never heard from other mothers that the afterschool teacher yells at the children.

I really hope that in the new class we will be lucky and the child will study calmly and without stress. 🤗🌞

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