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What kind of work does my husband do 🧀

What kind of work does my husband do 🧀

Jul 24, 2022

Hello, friends! πŸ‘‹

I want to tell you about my husband's work. His name is Maksim Mantuli and he has been working with polymer clay for more than 8 years. He makes all kinds of interesting jewelry. He had a store on Etsy, but due to recent events in the world, the war between Russia and Ukraine, the store in Russia was closed and paypal is also no longer working. There were approximately 250 good reviews πŸ‘ on Etsy and over 2,000 sales. Unfortunately, we can no longer sell our jewelry around the world, the delivery of goods from Russia to many countries has been discontinued. πŸ˜” Now my husband is doing detailed tutorials on his jewelry and making various videos for Patreon and YouTube.

Do you want to know what can be done with polymer clay? You can find my husband's work on the links below. πŸ‘‡

All tutorial here:

YouTube channel:


Our family will be very grateful for your donations. πŸ€—

You can buy a coffee or a tutorial on my husband's page. Subscribe to YouTube channel, patreon and Instagram @maksimmantuli

Thank you 😊

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