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20 LyCORIS, 34 LoRAs and some SDXL/TI ne ...

20 LyCORIS, 34 LoRAs and some SDXL/TI news.

Sep 23, 2023

Hello everyone, we have again a lovely Saturday which means a new content update :)

I present you 20 new LyCORIS models and 34 small LoRA models in our supporters' Mega Upload area!

As usual, there are more in the pipeline (some already trained, some in the queue, some in the process of handling dataset images, etc.).

For the next week I have currently only 5(+1) requests, so they take priority, but no worries - the list still has a lot of entries/suggestions so we are not running out of names :)

In other news, this weekend I'm picking up a new PC that I will be able to use for some time (hopefully a long time :P) and that machine has two RTX 3090 24 GB VRAM cards. Yes, this means that not only I will be able to test SDXL training params to tweak them to their fullest potential but I will also be actually able to train those LoRAs consistently (fingers crossed).

As for the Textual Inversion - one of the supporters requested me to do some TIs. I have done them in the past and it seems like I will be doing some quite soon. I've tested recently how well they work with the combination of LyCORIS/LoRA combination and I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised that they indeed boost (or at least make it even more consistent) the quality!

So, I've downloaded quite a lot of TIs and I want to make some script that names them accordingly, and I will be testing how well those work with my models and if I'm happy - I'll just upload them on the Megaupload for your convenience too!

I've also updated the Training Schedule spreadsheet, and I've filled in some gaps again (which I do from time to time) ->

This also lets me see more consistently if there are some missing models and so on :)


have a great weekend!

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