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Make Your Own Happy Monterey Sardines

Make Your Own Happy Monterey Sardines

Sep 30, 2021

I am publishing a video about "How to Make a Colorful Fish Pillow" on my YouTube channel, InspirED at Play Full Ground, as well as a downloadable sewing pattern here today, September 30 at 11AM 🪡🐟👀

The colorful fishes, a.k.a. #happymontereysardines have been the signature item at my art studio, Play Full Ground, which is located in Monterey, CA.

I have made/sold over 100 pieces of the fishes and every single one has been a one of a kind.

However, my struggle sits between the value of our labor and the affordability.

So, I decided to share the process with everyone🤗

Then, you can create your own version of HMS🐟🌈💖

Please check out the video & sewing pattern if you are interested in making one for yourself and/or someone special🤩

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