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Coffee Companion App LS:006

Coffee Companion App LS:006

Jun 15, 2020

Thanks for all that joined me on the live stream! Make sure to tune in next week same time (1pm CDT on Monday) and same place!

What did I do in the stream?

  • Add CloudKit to share on all devices

  • Made time and button bigger

  • Able to edit brew method from a list

Looking for more about the project?

  • Make sure to watch the next stream on my Twitch

  • Want to know what tasks need to be done or what’s being planned for the app? Check out the Trello board

  • Want to see the code? Dig through the GitHub repo and star, watch, or sponsor it!

  • Want to help fund the app and get your name listed at the end of the stream? Buy me a coffee or two right here!

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