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3 Exciting Canva Pro Features You Need T ...

3 Exciting Canva Pro Features You Need To Try: Advice from an Artist

Dec 08, 2021

I finally got my hands on Canva Pro! After playing around with the free version for quite some time, I decided it was time to upgrade. The free pro images isn't even the best part, although that is a big plus. With the Pro feature, you now have access to templates, brand kits, & scheduling to strengthen your content marketing strategy.


Probably one of my favorite features so far. Canva offers thousands pre-designed templates you can update according to your brand or you can just browse for inspiration.

Just some templates available

  • Info Graphics/ Banners

  • Graphs/ Presentations

  • Book/ Magazine Covers

  • Websites/ Video

  • Calendars/ Worksheets/ Planners

  • Office/ Business Supplies

  • Social Media Content

Templates make branding simple. They keep a consistent look which furthers your brand awareness. In other words, it helps you stand out among everyone else. You can also collaborate on the same document with clients or different artists in your team.

Brand Kits

Okay this might be my favorite Pro feature. The Brand Kit! Drag & drop files such as logos or fonts for your specific brand. Keep all that information in one place to help streamline the design process.

You can create multiple design kits at once, rename them, and collaborate on them with your team. No more trying to remember fonts, or trying to pick the same color each time. This feature keeps your branding consistent, which is important for professional looking projects.


Do not forget about the scheduling calendar. After you have designed your perfect, cohesive, aesthetic content, it's time to share it with the world! Only not all at once, you want to always be creating content, not always posting about it. This feature allows you to batch create and schedule content and let Canva do the work.

I hope you have been looking at your Instagram Insights, because you need to know what days & times your audience is most active. You can use this information to schedule your content on social media to help reach your target audience.

You have the ability to pause and edit posts without having to delete and start over. You can manage your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and much more with a few clicks. So plan ahead, it's worth it.

Bonus Feature!

Canva just released a beta version of drawing! You can now draw with markers, pens, & erase. Play around with the effects after as it saves your new drawing as a layer. Lock this layer, & you can alter text and other elements without altering your design. Here is a quick video from my Pinterest on how it works!

I hope this blog convinced you to look into Canva Pro. The possibilities are endless for artists, small business owners, freelancers, and everyone in between. If you are still on the fence, try it for 30 days free here!

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