Diversity or just a tagline?

Diversity or just a tagline?

Apr 20, 2021

Last week, I received a dm from one of my followers. It talked about how this person was in a meeting with senior leaders in the organization.

The topic was diversity and inclusion, but somehow the leaders made fun of the topic. In some cases diversity was called an "issue that had to be managed carefully". On the other hand one of the leaders mentioned he'll never support a female quota in hiring because that'll mean he has to discriminate against himself.

The reality is, this happens behind close doors. Everything looks great on company brochures but it's only behind close doors that true personality of an organization is revealed.

As LL, I want to raise awareness on this matter. Watch out for a post this week on diversity. I hope you'll retweet it and share it. I hope you get your friends to retweet it.

Because it's 2021. Diversity ain't an issue, it's the way forward.

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