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Star-Crossed and Ill-Fated (Microfiction ...

Star-Crossed and Ill-Fated (Microfiction 12.16.20)

Dec 16, 2020

The dark sky had never been so full of stars before. 

It was the perfect night for Jim to drive his love, Angie, to his favorite spot along the scenic drive. They were just going to watch the sunset at first, but the orange skies lazily turned jet black and they weren’t ready to end their romantic evening just yet.

“Know any constellations?” Jim asked.

“I know a few, yeah. Which one is your favorite?” Angie asked.

“I’ll show you,” Jim said. He took her hand and they took turns tracing constellations with their fingers. Angie turned to him, the moonlight reflecting in her eyes.

Jim suddenly grew nervous. This was it: the right moment to ask Angie the big question.

“I want to ask you something important,” Jim said.

“Alright, shoot,” Angie said. She thought she knew what was coming.

“Here goes. Angie.”

“Yes, Jim?”

“Is cereal soup?”


“Cereal. Is it soup?” Jim reiterated.

“No, of course not. Is that really what you wanted to ask me?”

Jim shook his hands and sighed.

“Angie, you’re wrong. Soup is solid food served in a liquid. By definition, cereal has to be soup,” he said.

“That’s ridiculous.”

“No, it’s not. And, frankly, I’m disappointed that you’re being so close-minded.”

Angie looked around. “Are you for real?” she asked.

“Yes! Your answer says a lot about you, to be honest,” Jim replied.

Angie couldn’t believe it. She laughed in disbelief. The two sat in silence beneath the twinkling stars before Angie pulled out her phone. She typed in “is cereal soup” in the search bar.

“Look, cereal is not a soup, see?” she said showing Jim the phone.

“Not everything you read on the Internet is true,” Jim said.

Angie fumed. The two argued over food opinions until her Lyft arrived.

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