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The best cookies ever!

The best cookies ever!

May 16, 2022

I think this recipe is delicious, so I share it with everyone, but everyone has different tastes, and I can’t guarantee that every parent will have it. I love it, this cookie is crispy and fluffy. I personally don’t think it’s sweet, but I’ve seen a lot of sweet responses. You can increase or decrease the sweetness according to your own preferences~


Commercially available milk (ordinary cow's milk, liquid, drinkable milk, no milk powder!)

40 grams

Caster sugar (no powdered sugar!) 80 grams

Unsalted butter (no vegetable oil, no salted butter!)160 grams

Low-gluten flour200 g

Salt 2 grams

Almond Flour 40 grams

1.Before doing it, please read the Q&A of the introduction first, the basic questions have been answered! Thanks! ! Heat the milk and sugar until the sugar melts, and cool it for later use (most of the commercially available powdered sugar contains starch which will affect the taste, do not use powdered sugar instead!)

2.Butter is so soft at room temperature that your fingers can easily poke holes! Beat with an electric egg beater until it turns white, add sugar water (that is, add sugar to the milk in step 1!!) and continue to beat with an electric egg beater until it becomes shiny~ (a very important step, it is not easy to squeeze later, and the pattern is not three-dimensional because of It doesn't work here!!)

3.Add butter to sifted flour! And salt, almond flour (almond flour, salt can not be sieved), stir well~

4.Place cookies in a piping bag and squeeze onto a baking sheet. Baking pan sticky mats with baking paper! Oil paper!

5.Send to the oven , fire up and down, middle layer, 170 degrees for 15-20 minutes. The oven is Hai's C40, and the temperature is relatively accurate. Other ovens can be adjusted according to the temper of their own ovens.

6.When you see this, please go back and read the details if you have any questions. Thank you. Basically, all the questions asked have been written. Don't ask me about changing the recipe. I haven't made any changes. If you owe your mouth, please detour. I am not sharing the recipe to find unpleasantness for myself, please trouble you!


1. The sugar water must be cooled in summer, and it should be kept warm in winter~
2. If the weather is hot, you can put the squeezed cookies in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes, and the baked pattern will be very three-dimensional~

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