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Aluminum-free fritters

Aluminum-free fritters

Apr 28, 2022

A material:

all-purpose flour 1000 grams

Material B:

Baking Powder 10 20 grams

salt 14 grams

egg 2

salad oil 40 grams

baking soda 2 grams

white sugar 30 grams

water 520 grams

The practice of aluminum-free fritters  

  1. Wudelite refined flour (five stars) can be four stars

  2. Ingredient A: Pour 1000 grams of flour into a pot

  3. Ingredient B: add 14 grams of salt to the basin

  4. Add 2 grams of baking soda

  5. Add 20g baking powder

  6. add 30g sugar

  7. Break in 2 eggs

  8. Pour 40 grams of salad oil

  9. Pour in 520 grams of water and mix well ,Dough by hand,

  10. Press again and again with your fist, do not rub,Cover with plastic wrap and let rise for 30 minutes,Wake up and press a few times with your fist.

    1. Grease the chopping board and roll out the dough,Put in freezer overnight before frying the next day,Sprinkle flour on the chopping board, press the surface thinly and long,Roll out to 0.6-0.7cm thick,Sprinkle the rolled dough with a little flour,cut into strips,Wipe a watermark with a bamboo stick

  11. -

  12. -

  13. Gently grasp both ends to lengthen,Heat the oil to 200 degrees

  14. Just make the fritters a few more times.

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