A little back Story

A little back Story

Jul 09, 2021

I started this whole journey with a dream on my hand, and that is to pursue the art soul in me and so far, working on it for almost a year now gives me the drive to make more art and learn more about different mediums. 

The idea behind Love Leah was a coincidence of scribbling words and a leap of faith. It was all a dream, a door that somehow I managed to enter. 

For the time being, I researched and tested the brand for myself. I did a lot of designs and most of them, I might say, is trial and error. I am afraid to admit that my work wasn’t satisfying and are not good enough for the business I am thinking of, but then, I came across this quote that says:

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes - By Mahatma Gandhi

Thankfully, the pathway where this quote was painted was the road we are always taking every time we go to the city. Slowly, it made an impact on me, and always made me reflect every time that I made a mistake. 

I personally admit that I am a perfectionist and I wanted everything to be perfect but that quote simply rooted down on me that my ideal perfection transformed into learning from all my mistakes. Decision-making is hard, it truly is. Sometimes you have to let go of some things that are not, in any circumstances, give the sparks on you. 

Love Leah for me is not just a brand name or a label. I want you to remember or if you see my logo anywhere, that FREEDOM is making mistakes and learning and moving on. I want you to let go of all the past perspectives of what perfection is and focus on everything that your mind takes you. 

I believe that creativity is not based on perfection, it is everything that is in your head and you, yes you! You have the power to put it out there and spread the word LOVE to your every piece. Whether you like it or not, you are imperfectly perfect. 

I wanted to make you dream about what you want to do in life, whether to pursue your Art Career, be good at Journaling, gain followers, make a community, or simply anything. 

That my friend is my arm reaching out to you and helping you out every step of the way. 

I want to give you Love Leah Studio, as an experience, and a way of exploring different kinds of things. An Archival Collection of your art. A piece of you that can grow and be something amazing! 

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