Happy 4th!

May 31, 2022

Four years ago today, I said yes to the craziest offer I’d ever been given and walked off a 9-5, away from nearly every community I knew, to go tell stories in a closet. God is so much smarter than me! The closet turned into a home studio and the incidental work turned into me going only days between projects, and when those dried up, He gave me another crazy idea which turned into the podcast I love doing so much! I’m in another season of audiobooks, and there are stories and assignments for me in between. And I’m so excited for all of it! I’m so grateful that God kept his promise to me that I would be in a new place, operating in a career that uses my gifts and gives me fulfillment, gives Him glory, and doesn’t leave me taken for granted or taken advantage of. I was willing to trade my freedom to get what I wanted and He helped me find it His way instead. Thank You Lord, that today, I get to celebrate my 4th Freedomversary!

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