NYC Microfiction Challenge

NYC Microfiction Challenge

Jul 22, 2021

Today was the day! The results for the first round of 100 word stories were sent out. I was nervous to open my email, but with a deep breath I clicked the link, scrolled for my category, and found my name. SECOND ROUND HERE I COME!

My story came in 11th out of the top 15, but I will take that. This contest was the first one I've entered since second grade and my first ever microfiction challenge. And hey, at least I wasn't last.

The next round starts Friday at midnight (8:59 pm for me because I am in California). We won't get our assignments until then. Even if I don't make it to the final round, I can be proud of what I did and that I didn't let fear stop me.

Wish me luck!

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