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What happened to Sandra Gant

What happened to Sandra Gant

Jan 16, 2023

Missing for 20 years

Nice to see you all again after an extended break due to family issues, so let’s get a case on for the start of 2023. I find this case particularly fascinating and my thanks to for bringing it to my attention.

On November 15th 2003, 48-year-old Sandra Gant from Clacton, Essex had been out for drinks with two friends at the home of a man she had only recently met. She set out to walk home and simply vanished.

On the day in question, Sandra had gone to the local soup kitchen for the homeless and people on low income where she met two friends and formed a new friendship with another male. Later the same evening all of them went to the apartment of the new acquaintance in Hayes Road, Clacton and that was the last time the 48-year-old was seen. She allegedly set off to walk home to Wellesly Road, Clacton but never arrived.

Sandra lived alone so no alarm was raised when she did not show up at home for a while, only on the 18th of November when her daughters went to meet her by arrangement and she did not show up they became concerned and called in the police to report her missing. Sandra was reportedly a ‘creature of habit’ and so her not turning up to a preplanned family meet was an immediate cause for concern.

A missing persons investigation ensued which quickly turned into a murder enquiry which saw four people arrested but no real evidence was identified and no charges were brought.

This is one of those cases where I find it difficult to understand how this adult female simply vanished from a relatively small seaside town on the East coast of England. I feel that it really deserves to be solved and her family are still searching for answers all these years on.

According to her daughter Lauren, Sandra Gant had a bit of a problem with alcohol but not what might be termed an addiction. She had indeed turned to drinking after struggling with a divorce but once again I do not see that this has relevance to her disappearance. If she had been very drunk and fallen somewhere then she would have been found, her body discovered but it never has.

I am a little confused as to why Essex police rapidly launched a murder investigation when there was no evidence of her having come to harm, surely it was first and foremost a missing person enquiry.

Crimestoppers put a £1.000 reward in place for information leading to the arrest and charge of those responsible for her murder, yet still, no one came forward.

I am very confused as to why this mysterious little case remains unsolved. Did Sandra get home and then leave again? Was she alone? Did the new male acquaintance go to see her and something happen? It seems not but to be fair he was the new party that she had only met on the last day that she was seen alive.

There are a number of unsolved cases of course and people go missing every day but, this was a 48-year-old mother and grandmother, she was not likely to have wandered off to start a new life or to have committed suicide and of course, she has never been seen since. There has been no sign of a body or remains being found which based on the length of time that has passed is quite rare.

I will leave it there as there is such limited evidence, if you would like to discuss this case or any other then please do get in touch and I will see you soon.

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