Poetry of today.

Poetry of today.

Jul 23, 2021

Hi dear readers I wrote to my grandmother, it has a high significant value for me, I hope you like it, a tight hug Lolla.

Dalva star.

Somewhere in the most beautiful dream, in the brightest star in the sky, caught in the joy of living, in the hunger to experience, to help the other you are, I never thought that such longing fits in the heart. In the comfort of a hug, in the late night conversations we shared, like a child sleeping beside her in her room, I avoided sleeping alone just to share her company, will always be stored in my memories, in my heart. from my existence, I know you are in the sky, like the Dalva star that you were, inside me you will always be alive, every time the beautiful things in life like a rainbow, a butterfly, your existence will come alive.

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