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Last news today !!

Jul 23, 2021

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The US ambassador says that the relationship with the Brazilian government ‘is going very well’ and Brazil could become an ‘environmental hero’ .

Todd Chapman talks about “settling in” after Joe Biden’s move to government; representative will retire next week after 12 years in the country ‘Beloved Motherland’.

The US ambassador, Todd Chapman, will retire next week after 12 years as a US representative on Brazilian soil. Between government changes, environmental discussions and perspectives for the relationship between countries, he believes that the path is positive. “The American people always have a great admiration for culture, history and especially for the Brazilian people. The relationship between peoples is strong. When there are power changes there or here, you need some time to adapt. And during this time that Joe Biden is president, there was a period of adaptation and it is going very well”, said the ambassador during an interview with Jornal da Manhã, by Jovem Pan, this Friday, 23. On the possible tensions and environmental divergences between Both countries, Chapman acknowledged that issues related to the environment gained priority after Biden took power.

“We have a great interest, like the Brazilian authorities, in the conservation of the Amazon and also in other issues related to the environment. […] We all want to see an improvement in illegal deforestation from governments. It is also important that state governments and companies [get involved in the matter]. Everyone has a very strong role in stopping this illegal activity. We want to continue [the conversations] so that Brazil is seen as an environmental hero”, pointed out the ambassador. When asked about Brazilian political tensions, the American stated that, in his view, discussions are part of democracy and show that people are interested. “It is important that the institutions remain strong, they serve to guide a nation during times when there are different visions”, said Todd Chapman, who will leave with “a lot of love” for Brazil. “I’m going to leave Brazil, but in Brazil it never leaves me. See you, I’ll always be returning to this beloved homeland”, he concluded.

Florida governor rules out new lockdown because of Covid-19.

Ron DeSantis receives support from a large part of the population; in the state, 40% did not want to be vaccinated against the disease.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has said he does not intend to carry out a new lockdown in the region in the face of a third wave of Covid-19. And the people on the streets have been supportive and agreeing with his decisions. The delta variant is already impacting the country and has strained the economy. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the United States has registered more than 34 million positive cases and 610,000 deaths from the disease. Meanwhile, the number of admissions continues to rise. Last week, the increase was 95% in the number of people in the hospital in Florida alone. Ron DeSantis said he recognized the vaccine’s effectiveness in controlling the most severe symptoms and urged Americans to immunize themselves.

However, 40% of the population of the state did not take any dose of any vaccine. The number is below the US national average, which shows that 34% of Americans did not want to get vaccinated. Although the population agrees with Ron DeSantis and doesn’t want a new lockdown, government public health advisers think differently. Vivek Murthy said he is deeply concerned about these increases and that the number of cases in the state already represents 20% of the country’s total. Attorney General Ashley Moody, who is a Republican and an ally of Donald Trump and Ron, confirmed yesterday via Twitter that she has tested positive for the disease.

*With information from correspondent Eliseu Caetano

Climate Change: What We Must Do to Secure Our Future.

Report alerts to the need for changes in lifestyle and consumption; The environmental agenda is a central theme at international meetings and a reason for diplomatic obstacles.

Climate changes predicted by scientists are no longer alarming predictions for the future. The impacts of human actions on the climate are happening now. The bustling life of big cities and the concrete landscape do not seem to make room for greenery. Sustainable attitudes are born from an environmental conscience, which has been awakened in recent years. It is in the most unexpected places that green attitudes gain space. Among them is the creation of a vegetable garden on the roof of a shopping center in the largest Brazilian metropolis, with the planting of lettuce, tomato, lemon, basil, strawberry, eggplant, a wide variety of fruits, herbs and vegetables. The six thousand square meters of the green roof of Shopping Eldorado contrasts with the gray of the city of São Paulo, proving that it is possible to carry out sustainable actions and habits. The reuse of almost 300 tons of garbage is not the only benefit that the project brings. For the superintendent of the shopping center, Sergio Nagai, awareness among employees who participate in the process is noticeable.

“They understand this issue of sustainability, this is visible to them. It’s not additional work, the people who work are very proud of this project. And there is the additional benefit of the condominium, which is the reduction in energy costs, because this entire garden forms a layer of thermal insulation that ends up reducing the internal temperature of the mall. As a result, there is less energy consumption with air conditioning,” he said. The project starts at the local food court. Employees separate organic and recyclable waste and put all other food into compost. In all, 80% of organic waste is reused to become fertilizer. After that, the leftover food undergoes another screening and the leftover food receives enzymes extracted from algae, catalysts and minerals that speed up the process and remove the unpleasant smell. The result is an organic compost that looks like land ready to be used in agricultural cultivation.

“This project started in 2012, our main objective was to reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill. we have the project of being the first shopping center to have zero waste emissions, we are on this path. We want to do the best for the community around us. It is an innovative project in the sense of attitude, in the technological sense there is nothing different, they are all old technologies. What is innovative is the fact that we have the attitude to do it and I think all companies can do it, he explains. Reducing red meat consumption, with substitution for fruits and vegetables, could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70% by 2050. The last lesson of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report is categorical: “We need to redefine ours lifestyle and consumption”. For transformation to take place, change needs to happen at all levels: individual, community, business, institutions and governments.

‘I never thought men could be raped’.

“I was programmed to think that this happens to women, and I thought that when I reported the criminal to the police, they wouldn’t believe me”

Alex Feis-Bryce was 18 years old when he was raped by a stranger at a party. He had recently declared himself gay and moved to Manchester, England, to study.

“I think it was the second time I went to a gay bar. My friend and I met some people who invited us to a house party. I was very naive and agreed, but my friend changed his mind at the last minute.”

Alex believes he has been drugged. “The owner of the house poured me a drink and I started to get drowsy. He took me to a room and soon after, he came and raped me. I felt like I was bedridden.” The next day, Alex accepted a ride from the man back to the university and tried to forget what had happened.

I actually thought rape wasn’t something that happened to men, so maybe it wasn’t something that happened to me. I was programmed to think that this happens to women, and I thought that when I reported the criminal to the police, they wouldn’t believe me,” he says.

Alex is now the CEO of Survivors UK, a charity that provides support to men, boys and non-binary people who have been raped, sexually assaulted or abused.

Alex Feis-Bryce sitting in front of a house with his hands folded
Alex Feis-Bryce
Alex Feis-Bryce thought the police didn’t believe him
Gays and bisexuals are more likely to be victims
While victims of sexual violence are more likely to be women, a British government survey estimates that 1 in 100 men have experienced some form of sexual assault or attempted assault.

In 2020, Reynhard Sinaga — “the rapist with the most convictions in British legal history” — was found guilty of luring 48 men from Manchester clubs into his apartment, not far from the bar where Alex was accosted. Sinaga drugged and attacked the men, filming the attacks.

Survivors UK’s own research suggests that gay and bisexual men may be more likely to experience sexual violence than the general male population. A study of 505 gay and bisexual men found that 47% said they had experienced sexual violence, with more than a third of them saying they felt they couldn’t talk to anyone about what had happened.

Experts warn on how to identify signs of violence in children
It’s important to recognize that most sexual assault “takes place within normal sex life,” says Alex.

“We don’t want to feed the homophobic stereotype that gays and bisexuals are more promiscuous or predatory, but we want to be aware of spaces where people have consensual sex and where boundaries are crossed — gay bars, saunas, chemsex This is the challenging but important part of the research, (recording) without stigmatizing specific sexual practices.”

Man puts his hand on his face and shows sadness
Getty Images
In a survey of 505 gay and bisexual men, 47% said they had suffered sexual violence
‘There is little support available’
Only one in seven respondents to the August 2020 survey reported an incident of sexual assault to the police. Among those who did, about a quarter thought the complaint would not be taken seriously.

“It’s about consent. Chemsex, for example, or any sex that isn’t heteronormative or conventional — sex with more than one partner (for example) can be extremely stigmatized,” says Alex. “So if someone experiences sexual violence in circumstances like this, they are less likely to talk to the police.”

The anti-abuse charity LGBTQIA+ Galop supports people who have suffered sexual abuse or violence. “Gay and bisexual men often do not see themselves or consider their experiences represented in the way sexual violence is handled. There are very few appropriate support services available to help them,” said its director, Leni Morris.

“Based on our research, we know that many will never come forward, leaving to deal with what happened without professional support. We must ensure that the public narrative about sexual assault includes all victims and that every survivor of sexual violence is able to access the support they need.”

Lee (not his real name) was 15 when he was admitted to a recovery clinic after mutilating himself while struggling to accept his sexuality. There, he was sexually abused by a counselor for over a year — an experience he says led to many years of trauma.

“For a decade, this experience permeated other levels of my functioning. The sexual assault or violence seemed normalized, and I didn’t take care of myself very well.”

“I needed to get out of my head, but the healing became chaos and I created another problem for myself, abusing drugs and sex to deal with the ingrained discomfort and malaise. Anything to deal with the way I felt. “

When he finally asked for support, he also didn’t know if what had happened to him constituted a sexual assault. “I may have mistakenly considered that what he did to me wasn’t violent—he didn’t punch or kick me, he didn’t rape me, and that, in a way, became my permission to continue.”

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