Horoscope of the day: check out what the ...

Horoscope of the day: check out what the stars reveal for this Friday (23/7) .

Jul 23, 2021

Hiii dear readers follow today’s horoscope, a tight hug Lola.

See the horoscope by Oscar Quiroga to unveil this Friday, July 23, according to each sign.

ARIES (birth between 3/21 to 4/20)
Now is the time to start organizing everything that each person needs to do so that the whole work is as harmonious as possible. This is a very complex part, but the results tend to be positive.

TAURUS (birth between 4/21 to 5/20)
The ideas that are put into practice as quickly as possible will be the winners, even if they are not the best ones, because, at this moment, the feat is worth more than the perfect one, without, however, abandoning the quest for improvement.

TWINS (birth between 5/21 to 6/20)
No anguish becomes permanent, because at some point the good mood breaks this barrier and the crystalline spirit reemerges from the ashes of the dark moments. Project your mind into the future with unabashed enthusiasm.

CANCER (birth between 6/21 to 7/21)
As people are all very worried and full of uncertainties about the future, relationships also fluctuate a lot, hanging between moments of wonderful collaboration and others of profound selfishness.

LION (birth between 7/22 to 8/22)
Everything that seems impossible will only become viable with the collaboration of the people involved. So focus on building and preserving good relationships, because even though this is complicated, the solution is there.

VIRGIN (birth between 8/23 to 9/22)
From enthusiasm to practice, this is the movement you need to claim, not just from yourself, but from everyone involved in this part of the path. Do your part well and demand that everyone does their best.

LIBRA (birth between 9/23 to 10/22)
Try to get rid of the ties that tie your progress movements, those attachments that make you repeat what worked in the past, but which, demonstrably, failed to give the same results as before.

SCORPIO (birth between 9/23 to 11/21)
At some point the arguments will have to give way to practical actions and, then yes, the thing will start to move, because, while everyone is arguing, it is the time when nothing is done, and everything stays in the same place.

SAGITTARIUS (birth between 11/22 to 12/21)
Use your resources as wisely as possible, investing them in people and objects that respond to real needs. In the meantime, you will have ample scope for distinguishing needs and wants.

CAPRICORN (birth between 12/22 to 1/20)
There are actions you would take now that would result in some relief from the pressures that are being brought to bear on you. This relief, however, would only be temporary, take this into account when deciding what to do.

AQUARIUS (birth between 1/21 to 2/19)
At some point you will wake up from the lethargy and realize how much time wasted. Spend little resource on regrets, which won’t do you any good, and arm yourself as quickly as possible with practical goodwill.

FISH (birth between 2/20 to 3/20)
From noise to silence at the speed of thought, that’s how things go, oscillating between the heights of glory, fueled by wonderful certainties, and atrocious doubts, as to whether everything is just an empty promise.

Information taken by https://www.correiobraziliense.com.br/

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