Thanks for last night's chaotic quiz

Thanks for last night's chaotic quiz

Jan 25, 2021

Hey everyone.

Last night was crazy. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Facebook stopped the live stream, the music round was a bit of a flop, the sound cut out, the picture disappeared from time to time, we over-ran, and I kept telling terrible jokes.

However, despite the chaotic nature of the whole thing, I really enjoyed myself last night. It was amazing to have some of our old teams back alongside our regular superstars.

We had teams from Ireland, England, Scotland, and Italy playing so there was a whole international flavour to it.

Well done to Les Quizerables - one of my old teams from Rome - for their deserved victory. You guys rocked (as usual!)

Finally, a massive thank you to everyone who bought a coffee. It really means a lot to me, especially on an evening that didn't exactly go to plan.

The next quiz is on the 7th February. Hopefully Facebook will allow us to do it. :)

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