you get used to sleeping at the sounds o ...

you get used to sleeping at the sounds of explosions and gunfire

Feb 28, 2022

#war in Ukraine

home, sirens, shelter. mom's Syrian friend gives her safety and survival advice. our American and Russian friends keep in touch with us, worried. those who come to Russian squares to protest and get beaten and arrested by the police and SWATs fight for us in the ways they can. my friends are in Ukrainian war front line and in the civilian territorial defense forces. Jules and I, being disabled, look out for each other, our parents and fellow shelter inhabitants. ensuring emergency exits, keeping connection with neighboring shelters, checking for saboteurs' marks on buildings and rooftops.

we will get through this, everyone, together. us. people from the neighboring restaurant who fed us. a pharmacist who kept the facility open till the last person in the line. we have each other's backs.

pray for Ukraine.

if you're willing to help us out, please do so here — any support is invaluable right now as we've lost our jobs and will soon run out of the little money we have!

with love and hope,

Al & Jules, your local dreamers

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