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Weekly oracle reading | Blog

Mar 08, 2021

Sea Serpent - healing emotional wounds, expressing desires

This morning I woke up feeling very, very uncomfortable in my body. I'm non-binary, and while most of the time I am okay with presenting as female, today I want desperately to be male. It will last for a few hours and then pass.

I pull on combat trousers that used to belong to my partner, a binder that tries to disguise my chest, a neutral t-shirt, and a shirt that I hope will hide my body. And I begin to feel a bit better.

The Sea Serpent carries with her the energy of expression, something I lack. I struggle to be myself; not just with my gender identity, but with pretty much every potential version of me.

I feel trapped by self-judgement. And now that I reflect on this card, I think about some of the unskillful things I have done (even since I woke up this morning!) My only relief is knowing that I am definitely not alone in feeling this way.

So what can we do about it?

We can learn to love ourselves as the Sea Serpent loves us. No matter how cloudy the waters around us are, she is there to help us. We can ask her to protect us as we spend time working on ourselves, gathering our creative energies and releasing our shame.

What are we going to do today to meet ourselves, and love ourselves, just as we are?


Today I used The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck.

I am learning to read various tarot and oracle decks. I can offer simple readings free of charge, or in exchange for a donation. Just ask!

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