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Weekly oracle reading | Blog

Weekly oracle reading | Blog

Mar 01, 2021

It's Monday!

Stag Spirit - Take the lead

I am always amazed by how on the nose the spirits are with their messages, even though an indirect medium like oracle cards.

In the last seven days, I have taken on a fair few responsibilities; not just for myself, but for others (both individuals and organisations). Of course, the doubts began creeping in immediately.

  • I'm not good enough.

  • I'm not smart enough.

  • I'm not disciplined enough.

All of this was on my mind when I drew my card this morning.

The Stag Spirit card is telling me to buck up and lead. It's time to stop avoiding things that I am perfectly capable of doing, even if my anxiety and depression tells me otherwise. Other people tell me that I have a lot to offer, both in terms of skills and in heartfelt servitude, yet I can never see it in myself.

This week, I will be working on accepting the good things about myself that other people see. I will be recognising the responsibilities I have as gifts; these are opportunities for me to be of service, to learn new things, and hopefully inspire others. I don't have to be cocky or arrogant, I just have to welcome all of me ... even the good bits.

Why is it so much easier to believe the bad stuff?

What does good leadership look like to you?

I admire leaders who look for counsel in others, who are smart enough to do what they know and wise enough to get help in things they don't know, and encourage others to go out and be leaders too.

I want to become the sort of person I can look up to.


Today I used The Spirit Animal Oracle.

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