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Ohayo region- Bihari line

Ohayo region- Bihari line

Nov 14, 2022

This line was particularly fun to design. Ohio had an interesting influence when it comes to the space race as well as the moon landing and a lot of astronaut were actually born in this states so I had to do something about it. And what better animal to utilize but the SNOW SHOE HARE. This was too good to pass up.

-Bihari| Fairy/Flying Type
The Binary Star pokemon

This little bunny's fur shiny like stardust. A strange force seems to keep them floating in the air. They are curious in nature, and love to jump as high as they can, their massive ears guiding them through the air as if there was no gravity.

-Stardoe| Fairy/Ice Type
The Comet pokemon

If female, Bihari evolve into stardoe, despite being quite rare, this pokemon can be easily tracked down as they leave a frost trail wherever they go. It never touches the ground and they often use their ribbon like ears to perform beautiful dances.

-Starbuck| Fairy/Ice Type
The Astronaut pokemon

If male, Bihari evolve into starbuck. competitive, this pokemon love to utilise their feet to launch themselves into long distance to explore. They love to fight strong opponents to prove their skills and wits. They leave snow prints whenever their feet touch the ground.

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