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Ohayo region- Autossum line

Ohayo region- Autossum line

Nov 16, 2021

A collaboration with my dear friend Alainaprana and her lovely husband from the Loading Crew! This Region wouldn't be if it wasn't from them! Lore will be added soon enough but for now, enjoy the art ~

Possum are known for their ability to play dead and they're real cute and overdramatic about it. Their face is a macabre mask that they use to hide their dark and quirky sense of humor. Autossum's evolution line has been inspired by Jester, Pumpkin, Goblin and Kaiju which I had a blast to experiment with.

- Autossum| Grass Type
The Possum pokemon

This small pokemon is a playful one. You can often find them suspended in trees in groups of 2 or 3. Don't be surprised if they play tricks on you it's in their nature.

- Pandit| Grass Type
The Mischief pokemon

This mid stage pokemon as the peculiar habit of stealing things that doesn't belong to them. They are great pretenders and often will try to fool their own trainers, it is a game to them.

 - Omise| Grass/Dark Type
The Feign Death pokemon
 More mature then their previous stages, Omise didn't lose their playful nature, they love to entertain and will often take care of younger pokemon. In the wild, you can often find them carrying their young with their tails.

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