Starling Leisure TV Series

Starling Leisure TV Series

Jul 08, 2021

First Production is offically underway.

We are now starting to source funding for the production a production this size is a big undertaking.

We don't want to not pay our Cast and Crew nothing and also not pay properly for locations and the Cast and Crews expences.

So we are looking to budget for this Production a min of GBP 150 000.00

There will be many ways we are going to fund this project. So follow us via our social media and this Page. To get the scoop.

If you want to start helping we have different areas like here

Via a once off support or monthly support. please see the main page.

Then there is our donation link via our PayPal where you can use your PayPal or you can use a major credit card. the choice is yours. All finances will help with the production.

PayPal Link: TVSeries 1

Find out more about our Crowdfunding for our Projects via our post on Crowdfunding


Trish McMillan and Connor William

Lion Blue Studio and Lion Blue Casting

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