v1.89.0 Updates: Multiple unlock conditi ...

v1.89.0 Updates: Multiple unlock conditions, Tasks tag, New UI designs

Jun 15, 2022

Thanks for using LifeUp!

We have released v1.89 for a short while now. This article will briefly introduce some features.

I am not a native English speaker. Some expressions may be wrong, welcome to correct them, and welcome to contact us at Crowdin to correct in-app English mistakes.

Tasks Tag


Just add #tag after your task to create a tag, and click the tag to filter out all tasks under that tag

Redesigned Icons and UI

New icons



New settings and Q&A page



Hide shop items

Items that are sold out or disabled purchase can be hidden in the Shop Settings.


Multiple unlock conditions

Now you can add achievements with multiple unlock conditions, and you can view condition details in the dialog.



Limit using for exp reduction effects

You can now enable Limit Using for experience reduction effects.

If you do not have the required amount of experience while using an item, the app will prohibit you from using the item.

This has the effect of using experience points for a type of currency.



Batch returning items

Now supports batch returning items you don't need on the inventory page


Repetitive tasks with no deadline

Now, the repetitive task supports the setting of "no deadline". These kinds of tasks will not be overdue, and the time will be advanced only when actively completed or given up.


Animation Improvement

We have improved the animation effect of shop selection and task selection.

Check the video here:

LifeUp App on Twitter: "(8) what's new in v1.89.0: We improved many interactions in the application and fixed a lot of feedback issues. For example, we have improved the animation effect of shop item selection. https://t.co/dsc8Dd6G7N" / Twitter

Documents updates


We have updated the documentation with newly written [Compatibility configuration], [Quick Start], and [FAQ] pages.

If you encounter some problems, you can also try to find the answers in the documentation. Documentation contributions are also welcome.

Hello, LifeUp World (lifeupapp.fun)

FAQ (lifeupapp.fun)

Background Running (lifeupapp.fun)

Release Logs


  1. Support multi-unlocking conditional achievements

  2. achievement details support viewing condition details and progress

  3. Tasks tag

  4. Repeative tasks with no deadline

  5. Hide items that're sold out or disabled purchase

  6. When setting the experience value reduction effect for the item, it is optional to limit the use

  7. The inventory page supports multi-select, select-all and batch returns

  8. Default task list supports archive operation

  9. Resign some pages such as settings, Q&A, shop tool bar, and add lists page

  10. Redesigned some in-app icons (default tasks card icons, coins, experience points, achievement icons)

  11. Image storage moved to external app private path to prevent accidental file deletion


  1. Added [Compatibility Configuration] article link to the settings page

  2. Pomodoro countdown - reset operation adds confirmations dialog

  3. Added description for task freeze

  4. Added description for achievement sub-categories

  5. In offline mode, add a button to exit offline mode on the edit profile page

  6. Optimize the statistics of plenty(negative) tasks, support the display of the given-up number of times of the day and support the tracking of achievements

  7. Optimize application startup speed

  8. Achievement icon support to view larger image

  9. Added likes (received) statistics for random tasks

  10. Unified optimization of search interaction

  11. When selecting an item, switch to an empty list to display an empty layout (instead of loading)

  12. View the large image page to adapt to the current theme color settings

  13. Optimize the animation effect when the height of the selected item and task pop-up window changes

  14. In backup settings, "Delete local data" also supports deleting media files

  15. Unified the storage and deletion logic of temporary files for taking pictures

  16. Distinguish between the default item icon and the icon that fails to load

  17. Enable the independent plenty setting for tasks by default now

  18. Optimize the refresh, animation logic and loading speed of the feelings page

  19. Some details pop-up windows add a shortcut "select" button

  20. When the main switches of "sound effects" and "vibration" in the advance settings page are turned off, corresponding instructions are also provided in the tomato settings.

  21. New achievements and sub-category sorting optimization

  22. Base library and dependency upgrade

  23. Optimize the calculation method and speed of achievement progress

  24. Improve the calculation method of "target (repetitions) times" to follow the statistical improvement of historical records, which is consistent with the number of times in the details

  25. When entering the number of coins and the number of target repetitions, all current values will be automatically selected

  26. Optimize the error prompt when WebDAV configuration is abnormal

  27. Optimize the error prompt when the Google Drive backup is abnormal

  28. Now supports selecting the task name on the details page


  1. Fixed the problem that the set count affects the tasks reward invalid after the tasks executes the repetition logic

  2. Fix the sorting and grouping problem of the shop page

  3. Fixed the abnormal problem of page up and down in random tasks in some cases

  4. Fixed the problem that the pomodoro stat on the status page was inaccurate after using the positive timing in some cases

  5. Fixed the issue where the repeat logic of team tasks would lose the count tasks type setting

  6. Fixed an issue where the task being selected by Tomato would be highlighted when selecting tasks related to achievement conditions

  7. Fix the problem that the feeling picture is not stored independently and displaye issues

  8. Fix the problem that the failure prompt may pop up frequently when the login fails

  9. Some special input boxes for new tasks, teams, and subtasks should not allow keyboard input, which may cause the app to crash

  10. Optimized the way to count the number of completions of unlimited items in app widgets, consistent with the in-app

  11. Fixed the issue that after the ATM adjusts the interest rate, the interest may be calculated based on the accumulated time and the adjusted interest rate

  12. Fixed an issue where frozen tasks might still be displayed in the smart list

  13. Optimized the problem that the action button blocked by the selection bar can still be clicked when certain objects (tasks, shop items) are selected

  14. Fixed an issue where changing the color of an item would not refresh the UI immediately 15.Fixed an issue where suddenly setting a high interest rate after keeping the interest rate low (failed to get 1 gold) may get huge interest

  15. Fixed the problem that the search box pops up after completing the task after opening the search bar and using the product

  16. Fixed an issue where the number of in-app completions of the day might not match the widget after changing the name of an infinite task

  17. Fixed weird animations when completing unlimited tasks

  18. Fixed an issue where copying a task would not copy the background of the task

  19. Fixed the problem that in some cases, the achievement conditions were completed, but the achievement could not be unlocked

  20. Fixed date interval calculation exception issue (may potentially affect multiple logics)

  21. Fixed the problem that the feelings are not automatically filtered from the tasks detail page

What's next?

We plan to continue addressing some of the more common feedback needs in the next release.

For example, the night mode is adapted to the theme color, sub-tasks reward experience points and commodities, and the purchase of commodities increases attribute level restrictions, etc.

At the same time, we will also investigate the feasibility of integrating Google Calendar in the near future (but this feature may still need 2~3 versions before it goes live).

Since we are developing independently in our spare time, the above are only some near-term goals, and the corresponding launch time is not guaranteed.

Follow us on Reddit or Twitter (@AppLifeUp) for more information.

If you have any questions or feedback, please remember to contact our email address anytime for help.

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