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Apr 16, 2021

What would you like to be your next read?

From my work published on Medium you can get a glimpse of the topics that I cover and the stuff that I could help you get introduced to and/or acquire a new perspective.

Or would you like to receive a curated list of resources, authors, artists, songs, books, movies, whatever that could help you delve into new realms?

Here are some topics that I've been covering for the past years:

  • Death and immortality

  • Anime and pop culture in general

  • Cyberpunk and science fiction in general

  • Transhumanism, post-humanism, and Singularity

  • Gender studies

  • Emerging technologies and futurism/futurology

  • Semiotics

  • Visual Arts

  • Music and subcultures

  • Internet subcultures

  • Video games and virtual reality

  • Books

  • Philosophy

  • Sociology

  • Anthropology

  • History

Shoot me with a topic you would like to read/know more and let's make this happen :)

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