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Fic Update

Fic Update

Aug 02, 2020

Title: We Move Along With Some New Passion, Knowing Everything is Fine
Rating: Mature
Chapters: 7/13
WC: ~96k(for now)
Tags:  Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Canon Rewrite, Season/Series 02, Canon-Typical Violence, POV Stiles Stilinski, POV Derek Hale, Stiles  Stilinski is Part of the Hale Pack, Canon-Typical Gore, Missing Scene, Bad Friend Scott McCall (Teen Wolf), Pack Feels, Stiles Stilinski Has Panic Attacks, Torture

Summary: With Peter dead, Beacon Hills should be safe, but now something entirely different has started to pick off its inhabitants. In the midst of dealing with midterms and adjusting to being part of Derek’s pack, Stiles does his best to keep up with the supernatural hubbub of Beacon Hills.


The second installation in a series of episode-by-episode rewrites of Teen Wolf from Stiles’ & Derek’s perspectives, including missing scenes, dialogue changes, and minor plot adjustments. Canon-Divergent for Season 2.

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