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My Channel Update

My Channel Update

May 29, 2024

Hello Everyone:

I hope all each of you are doing well and enjoying summer activities! It has been too long since my last post, and for that I apologize. I have some big news, and that is that I started a NEW YouTube Channel!

Over the course of the last few years my original channel has been in decline and I have received fewer and fewer views. Not an insignificant decline, but a plummet from a high of over 100,000 views per month to less then 10,000 per month. At first I had no idea why but after researching (mostly through YouTube channel help videos) I came up with a theory and a solution. Apparently the way that YouTube matched suggested videos to users had changed and rather then matching individual videos with viewers it was now matching channels with viewers. My channel had too diverse a subject matter so although a viewer may have just watched one of my ride videos they had no interest in viewing a tractor video and thus YouTube became confused as to who to suggest my videos to (and just seemed to quit trying). My solution was to start a second channel. On my original channel I would continue to present my ride videos and on my second channel I would present my alternate subject matter, antique stuff, outdoor exploring, sharing history, etc. So I began the process by removing all the non ride videos from my old channel and then uploading them to my new channel, making the start of my new channel fairly easy as I already had the videos to get it up and running. On March 27 2024 I published my first video on my new channel Exploring with Bob (I am still working on the name, maybe I will change it to......). The process though is a bit scary as I removed many popular videos from my already successful channel (a channel that was paying me a small monthly income), and putting those videos on a new channel that may never earn me any income. YouTube's requirements to start receiving ad revenue are 3 thousand hours of watch time and 500 hundred subscribers. At present, after only 2 months I am at 5 thousand hours but I still have a ways to go with subscribers at 466. If you guys like my tractor, car, and other videos please check out my new channel, see some of your old favourite videos, and please subscribe to help me get over the 500 mark!

I do plan on putting out some new content and already have filmed some new material to be edited later this year.


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