Pilot Order: Hamburger Business Review

Pilot Order: Hamburger Business Review

Mar 15, 2023

Experimental Garden Group co-host Mike Merrill and burger innovator Zach Rose are set to co-host and produce a Hamburger Business Review pilot episode in mid to late March of 2023.

Merrill and Rose started to discuss the project after Rose joined the Experimental Garden Group investment club and Merrill later advised Rose on his Thanksgiving Day McTrot quest to patronize every McDonald's in Manhattan on foot. In discussions about how to extend Rose's quest the idea for Hamburger Business Review was developed.

In Hamburger Business Review Merrill and Rose will discuss a Harvard Business Review case study about McDonald's. The latter HBR has over 30 case studies focused on McDonald's ranging from 1980 to 2020. In addition to reviewing the history of these case studies Rose and Merrill will also talk about the current state of McDonald's, especially as it relates to the operations of the chain in Manhattan and Rose's first hand experience with over four dozen of them.

Merrill and Rose are hopeful for a series order after they finish the pilot when Merrill will ask his shareholders to commit him to 8 to 10 episodes with financing coming from supporters and listeners.

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