800+ Daily Use Vocabulary Sheets + Audio ...

800+ Daily Use Vocabulary Sheets + Audios

Jan 30, 2022

800+ Thai Daily Use Vocabulary

A4 SHEETS + Links to audios

(Digital Files for Download)


This listing could be your small dictionary to perform as your vocabulary bank when you want to say something or communicate in Thai language. You can choose the words from the colorful sheets and enjoy going on practicing Thai language. I categorized the words so it's easy for you to look up related words and choose the words you want easily. Listening to the correct pronunciation since the first time of hearing the words is also important. This listing also includes a sheet that contains links to the 29 videos that I pronounce all the words repeatedly 3 times each. This is a good supportive learning material. Thai language's grammar is easy. We never change the way to write a word. There is no verb conjugation. We just put words together though sometimes you might mix up the word arrangement in a sentence, still, we understand. The key is to put the words that are related to what you are going to say.


The vocabulary is divided into 29 categories.

1. Numbers

2. Days

3. Day Related

4. Months

5. Calendar

6. Time

7. Colors

8. Life

9. Actions

10. Routine

11. Family

12. House

13. Opposites

14. Prepositions

15. Greetings

16. Feelings

17. Jobs

18. Body

19. Clothes

20. Symptoms

21. Places

22. Restaurant

23. School

24. Celebration

25. Money

26. Personal

27. Weather

28. Seasons

29. Earth

Total 50 sheets

All together over 800+ words


The digital files can be printed on A4 paper size beautifully.

The actual download files don't contain the watermark.


The download includes a sheet that contains all the links to the pronunciation videos.


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